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Seeking the perfect chance to ditch the boss and create the ultimate working lifestyle? DON’T miss this opportunity to jump on board one of the most lucrative franchises in Australia!

BodyOlogy Franchising is experiencing rapid growth and at present very keen to recruit quality franchisees to cope with the Victorian demand for our services, so if you have vision and want to get on board early to receive endless advantages, then we suggest you move quickly!!

Navigating your own business success through a BodyOlogy franchise is an empowering and productive challenge. With a rapidly expanding and extremely loyal clientele base, BodyOlogy Weight Loss continues to stand out as the premium provider in this field. Clients making an appointment at BodyOlogy Weight Loss clinics expect consistent, professional service and rely on our reputation for delivering the most incredible results. As a BodyOlogy franchisee, you become an administrator of this truly profitable business ethic!

Our demographic studies indicate the trending hotspots with precision and they stretch wide and far in each state capital around Australia and in outer regional areas as well. We are exceptionally keen to hear from anyone in regional Victoria. This means an entire community is simply waiting for the option to stay local and support YOU in your new business success!

In keeping with our unique theme and designing our BodyOlogy franchise model, we expected a broad range of prospects applying, so to cater for the ones that were perfect for the model but maybe struggling to afford the entry cost, we decided to offer flexibility with 3 tiers for entry, if you progress to meeting us, we can disclose how we can get you on board if you are the right candidate for us….where there is a will, there is always a way!!

BodyOlogy Weight Loss offers you freedom of choice with weight loss solutions and anti-ageing.  Your BodyOlogy franchise will come complete with a Body Rejuvenation unit but once you are up and running, you will then be eligible to increase your treatment range and revenue by offering the exclusive Facial Rejuvenation unit as well (equipment costs will apply).

BodyOlogy Weight Loss is so much more than weight loss, our exclusive technology allows you to offer a broad range of treatments to your clients, both male and female and a range in age from 18-70+ keeping in mind we build lean muscle, which in turn, increases bone density for the ageing. Our post-natal market is huge and the ‘Beat the belly bulge’ for men is enormous. So when considering a BodyOlogy Franchise, it is critical to understand and appreciate just how exclusive this is, there are no other competing franchise models in existence. When you look at the food, fitness or coffee franchise industry it is literally oozing with so much competition, making it extremely difficult to gain an edge and be successful. The BodyOlogy franchise is for born leaders who know who they are, where they are going and what they want!!

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