About BodyOlogy Franchising


BodyOlogy Leaders in Innovation
Our story began in 2008 when we opened a little beauty salon in west Melbourne, it grew so fast within 8 months we had to relocate to bigger premises in Docklands, we decided the only way to keep a handle on things was to franchise, so by 2010 we had 5 franchise stores in Melbourne & NSW.bwl-success-keyOur focus shifted early 2011 to health and wellness, rather than aesthetics and we opened a new salon just focusing on weight loss and anti-ageing by early 2012 this salon was booming. We continued to refine and focus on technology around the globe, although we were getting good results with existing equipment, we wanted to get great results for our clients. As fate would have it, we were introduced to an international engineering company who had manufactured the now called ‘’miracle’ machine – next generation micro current technology, after trialling this machine for 6 months we knew where we were headed and BodyOlogy was born. In 2014 we sold all the other franchise beauty salons just to focus on the BodyOlogy journey. BodyOlogy is dedicated to developing natural weight loss solutions that work, we are not a beauty salon, our micro current technology is backed by strong clinical data and science, we have hundreds of raw testimonials from clients who have experienced a multitude of changes within their bodies by undergoing our BodyOlogy treatments, from a reduction in circumference, to instant toning in the feel of their skin, to definition in body shape & much more.

Now in 2016 we are so very excited and proud to have 5 BodyOlogy franchise clinics in operation promoting our natural weight loss solutions to the community at large. Our BodyOlogy franchise model is innovative and simple, combine that with the power of our technology and it all spells ‘success’. We have big plans to roll out nationally in 2016 & 2017, our biggest problem is our rapid growth and finding suitable BodyOlogy franchisees to keep up with the communities demand, so if you are in the market for self-employment, offering endless rewards – from independence, financial freedom, huge back end support to handle all enquiries etc, then get in touch and chat to us. You can join us from $49k + gst.