BodyOlogy began tinkering with weight loss equipment from all over the globe in 2010, by chance we were introduced to engineers on the other side of the planet who had spent 10 years perfecting a machine with 102 patents and medical accreditation’s, we tested the equipment for 90 days, within that time we knew what we had and the vision began, we secured the global rights and began the BodyOlogy journey.

We started with our own BodyOlogy flagship in 2011 at Docklands and continued to perfect our systems for 3 years, in 2014 we knew we had to get this out to the world, so we engaged franchise developers to create a very unique franchise model, it rolled out in October 2015.

We now currently have 6 BodyOlogy stand-alone clinics in Melbourne, sold the Master rights to QLD and about to open the first BodyOlogy flagship in Townsville in August 2017. We have experienced very high numbers of people wanting to get into our franchise group but we are stringent in who we are looking for, it is quality over quantity for BodyOlogy.

As we continue to prove our title of ‘Leaders in Innovation’ – yet again in 2017, we are now releasing our super new model: BodyOlogy ‘Satellite’ store, which is a store in store model. We know this will take the country by storm, it is designed to throw a life line to existing business owners, whether it’s a fashion boutique, dentist, hair salon, pharmacy, our new S.I.S.model will fit straight in to a spare room and begin generating a new source of revenue.


BodyOlogy is a multi-award winning company! We have won Best and Most Outstanding for Advanced Weight Loss Solutions Australia in 2015 and 2016.