BodyOlogy Technology is the next generation of micro current. Our equipment has 102 world class patents taking micro current as we know it to a very different scientific level. Although micro current devices have been around for over 50 years for pain relief, our equipment was engineered specifically for weight loss, it offers many different protocols which allows us to offer a broad range of treatments to our clients. The BodyOlogy equipment is one of the very few that has been entered in the ARTG (263152).

We also have scientific data performed on 300 patients over a 6-month period and the results were staggering.

94% of the subjects tested using the body system yielded centimetre loss ranging from 1cm to 19.5 cms* the first treatment measured at 3 body locations.

91% of the subjects who continued on with our treatments maintained the results.

One thing we have realised over the last 5 years of closely working in the weight loss industry, is exercise, diet, mindset – isn’t enough, it is a big picture that involves a little bit of everything, what BodyOlogy brings to the table is the “missing link”. Our system works, where many others in the marketplace DON’T! – we have a range of very successful programs catering to most people’s needs, we also have our very own exclusive nutritional meal replacement that is low carb, high protein, designed to work in conjunction with our treatments. Micro current is the closest thing to how our own body’s electrical system works, it is completely safe, the body doesn’t see it as foreign like: other modalities out there, so it embraces it and it’s like a marriage made in heaven, results speak for themselves!!

During the last 6 years, BodyOlogy have realised that micro current is doing so much more than just breaking down fatty tissue – although the client comes in for a package which will help them reduce body fat, they often leave with secondary benefits from the technology that are invaluable, some examples –

• Assisting with incontinence by strengthening pelvic floor muscles
• Some chronic back issues are disappearing, again we believe due to the muscles strengthening
• Prolapsed muscles after pregnancy have improved again in strength
• Hip pain has improved
• By building the lean muscle we are increasing the bone density