– Lose from 2cms / UP TO 10cms on tummy.
– Fronts and backs of legs
– Saddle bags
– Back area near bra
– Tricep hang
– We can help shift that stagnated fluid.
– We can help re build the core strength
– We can tighten and tone the loose skin
– We can build lean muscle to give you back your shape

– this is for someone who has dropped the weight and requires contouring.
– Build muscle in your abs for shape.
– Build lean muscle in your tummy for core strength.
– Tone shoulders for those sexy strapless dresses.
– Tone your back and shape with lean muscle.
– We can build quad muscles to give you shape.
– We can tone thighs.
– We can increase hamstrings for strength and tone.
– We can lift saggy butts by building your glute muscles.
– We can build and shape calves.
Breast reduction – we can reduce down the fatty tissue and substantially reduce your cup size.
Breast lift – after pregnancy if your breasts have dropped, we can build lean muscle and assist to lift them
Fluid retention – we work very well with lymphatic drainage
Man boobs – a special treatment for men suffering this sensitive issue, we reduce the fatty tissue and build lean muscle
Tightening & toning is dynamite with BodyOlogy, if you are looking for better skin tone, we can help