BodyOlogy Facial Sculpting – Anti Ageing

The BodyOlogy ‘facial sculpting’ micro current system uses the latest advancements in patented Quad- Core ISOGEN Pico technology to deliver Micro, Nano and Pico signatures. This process communicates at the cellular level by resonating cells to match the body´s normal biological harmonics. These specific frequency signatures are monitored by a built-in bio-feedback computer, maintaining perfect signature morphology using our Quad-Core ISOGEN Pico technology. This machine is a serious contender to a full non-surgical face lift, results are dramatic, one session can see a 5-7 year difference in the age of a client’s skin.

DO NOT, compare this to a facial in a beauty salon, there is ZERO comparison. We are not just massaging moisturisers in to give a youthful glow for a couple of days, we are turning back to biological clock!

We liken it to a skin gym, we can work all muscles in the face and neck from the dermis to epidermis, completely plumping and strengthening the muscles. We increase collagen by 10% per treatment and elastin 48% – over a series of 5-10 sessions, client will see a substantial shift in muscle tone and signs of ageing, this will last for 12 approx. months but monthly/quarterly maintenance is recommended to maintain muscle strength. Micro current is working with 1 millionth of an AMP, NANO is one billionth of an AMP and PICO is one trillionth of an AMP, clients do not even feel the current but results are dramatic. If you are in our franchise group with the Body machine, then you are eligible to add the facial machine to your business, we can discuss this further at a franchise meeting.