What is a BodyOlogy Franchise?

A revolutionary business using state of the art equipment. It is set up with simplicity in mind for you the business owner and results for your clients. You can run free with BodyOlogy, as there is no competition!!

Where will I run my BodyOlogy franchise from?

We have 7 standalone established clinics but we are now only permitting the new satellite model, which means you will need to be an existing business owner who has synergy with BodyOlogy and a spare room

What hours do I need to work as a BodyOlogy franchisee?

If you meet our criteria and are already a successful business owner, then you will have staff trained up as part of the franchise entry cost.

Is the technology proven?

The Australian Governments TGA department has approved all BodyOlogy devices as Class 1 Medical Grade. This is very rare outside of the medical industry. We have strong clinical studies with amazing results and we have been operating our own flagship clinic in Melbourne for 5 years with consistent success.

What does the equipment do?

1) Weight Loss and Body Sculpting – this ranges from overall weight loss to specialised treatments
2) Anti-Ageing for the body
3) Facial sculpting, this is actual non-surgical face lifting that is non-invasive.

Can I buy both Body and facial machines?

Yes, we offer you a leasing system with the machines to reduce the cost substantially.

Do I receive a territory?

No, we prefer not to have territories, you can go wherever you like in your chosen state. You do however have local area marketing boundaries for your own advertising.  With shopping centres, we will only permit one BodyOlogy business per centre, so you will not have other competition within your centre.

What support do we get?

Our model is very unique, we offer full back end support with a 24/7 call centre, taking all enquiries, bookings, reschedules etc.  This will avoid unnecessary disruptions to your existing business.

Can I buy more than one franchise?

It is our preference to partner with quality over quantity, so we are on the lookout for savvy business minded operators.

What competition does BodyOlogy have?

Sadly, the weight loss industry is saturated with pills, potions, lotions and gyms etc. BUT what we offer is very unique and is in the form of passive exercise, you could say “we are for the lazy people” and if that’s the case boy are we on a winner, why do we have so many people overweight??????? So, we are on our own with BodyOlogy, no other competing franchises/businesses.

Are BodyOlogy treatments safe?

Micro current mimics the body’s own natural electrical system, it is very natural and the body embraces it, in fact, many clients will comment about this increased energy after our treatments, due to the increase in ATP. The Australian Government’s TGA department has given BodyOlogy technology a Class 1 Medical accreditation, this is rare in our country outside of the medical industry.