What is microcurrent?

The science behind it…………

Back in the early 1900s, Dr Albert Abrams MD was the first physician to use equipment capable of detecting specific frequencies in living tissue. Each organ and tissue within our body emits an invisible energy or vibration in the form of specific frequencies. This allows the cells to communicate with each other and to organise, monitor and regulate complex living processes. When this vibration or energy is disrupted by injury, illness, or the normal ageing process, symptoms such as skin atrophy and wrinkled deteriorating skin occur.

BodyOlogy International’s micro current machines utilise unique technologies and specific frequency signatures to reenergise the cells and tissue back to their normal state of vibration. BodyOlogy International has patented technologies that communicate with the cells of living tissue and muscle and resonate at a perfect harmonic tone to enhance the body’s biological normal processes naturally and non-invasively. BodyOlogy machines have 102 new patents, taking micro current technology to a truly advanced level.

Micro current Technology

Application of Micro current and Constant Waveform Morphology:

Our engineers discovered a breakthrough in micro current technology, patenting Constant Waveform Morphology (CWM). CWM has the ability to deliver an absolutely pure bioelectric signature at low micro, Nano and Pico levels without that signature being affected by normal body impedances. Constant Waveform Morphology was developed through the discoveries of an English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented the Faraday shield (or Faraday cage) in 1836. The Faraday shield is simply an electromagnetic force field that blocks all external electromagnetic disturbances, allowing for a PURE internal conductive medium. CWM allows for bioelectric signatures to be delivered through an ULTRA-PURE medium, maximising efficiency at low micro, Nano and Pico currents.

This breakthrough sets a new standard for systems delivering bioelectric signatures. The advantage of CWM is the ability of somatic cells to communicate more efficiently with a pure acoustically tuned signature, yielding optimum results. CWM will soon be the standard protocol for delivery of bioelectric energy for aesthetic and cosmetic uses. The use of CWM as a platform in BodyOlogy International’s technology is what sets us ahead of the competition.

Application of Micro current and Specific Frequency Signatures (S.F.S.):

The flow of information within our body is achieved by the brain’s ability to generate electrical activity or unique frequencies (specific signatures). The nervous system has the ability to orchestrate transmission of these complex electric signatures in order to communicate fully and directly with the cells and muscles of our body. These signatures, also known as nerve impulses or action potentials, represent a fundamental means of communication in the nervous system. An action potential (signature) propagates along the nerve in rapid bursts of Specific Frequency Signatures (SFS) with the instruction to elicit a desired effect. For example, motor neurons are able to recognise these Specific Frequency Signatures as muscle contraction signatures and cause the muscle to contract. Our machines, with their patented SFS technology, have the ability to resonate a complex array of frequencies and currents with each unique signature promising to elicit a specific effect.

Applied with our body toning systems

Our BodyOlogy MC3 ‘complete body toning’ system is programmed with a unique set of signatures that promises to deliver several effects. A primary set of frequencies is set to a perfect acoustic tune to stimulate lipolysis and hydrolysis of triglycerides in fat cells (shrinking fat cells). A secondary set of frequencies is set to elicit intense muscle contractions yielding lymphatic drainage, muscle toning and detoxification. The resulting contractions also increase the secretions of norepinephrine that helps to synergise lipolysis in adipose tissue. The combination of frequencies composes a unique Specific Frequency Signature that, in turn, results in immediate dimension loss in the treated area.

Applied with our facial rejuvenation systems

Our BodyOlogy MC2 ‘facial rejuvenation’ systems are programmed with a unique set of signatures that promises to deliver several effects. Unlike our ‘body toning’ system signatures, the signatures in our facial rejuvenation system are tuned to a lower micro, Nano and Pico level which does not cause facial muscle contractions. The signatures are delivered using Constant Waveform Morphology and are programmed to affect all layers of the skin. This makes the BodyOlogy ’facial rejuvenation’ system a true sculpting machine. Results delivered include wrinkle reduction, toning, tightening, facial lifting, neck tightening, increased production of ATP, collagen and elastin, improved skin texture, improved circulation and more.

Application of Micro current along with Quad-Core ISOGEN Technology and InSight WaveForm Technology:

The BodyOlogy MC2 ‘facial rejuvenation’ system uses the latest advances in our patent pending Quad-Core ISOGEN Technology to effectively deliver micro, Nano, and Pico signatures. This process communicates at a cellular level by resonating cells to allow for natural enhancement of normal biological processes. Quad-Core ISOGEN technology uses not one but four signature channels to ensure maximum efficiency in the delivery system. All other machines use only one channel. To enhance the delivery of the specific frequency signatures, the BodyOlogy MC2 ‘facial rejuvenation’ system has four channels that are monitored by our patent pending InSight WaveForm Technology.

This technology delivers the specific frequency signatures through eight different modalities; Galvanic, Faradic, Biphasic, Positive Potential, Negative Potential, Sine Wave, Square Wave, and DC. Our InSight WaveForm Technology allows all four (isolated) channels to function independently from each other without interference, enabling extreme facial sculpting.