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So you’re interested in becoming a BodyOlogy franchisee? Great, that means you’re smart! But are you also a people person with business skills, who is not afraid to roll up your sleeves and work hard, especially if it gets you to where you want to be? Excellent, these are the key ingredients we’re looking for. On your path to becoming a BodyOlogy franchisee you’ll experience personal growth and gain invaluable skills. Throughout you’ll have the guidance of our proven BodyOlogy franchisee model, plus all the support and strength of knowledge we can offer on a local and national level. Obviously there’s a lot of territory to cover, so read on to discover the opportunity of a lifetime. A BodyOlogy franchise is an innovative business model, one that will enable you to make a difference in the community. It’s a sad fact that Australia has the highest level of obesity per capita in the world. The care we take in recruiting, screening, training, developing and retaining qualified BodyOlogy franchisees is integral to both our own and our franchisees’ growth and success. It’s a real partnership; in fact, we like to say: “It’s a little bit of you and a little bit of us”. This is a golden opportunity that brings rewards, but it is also hard work to which, not everyone is suited. For this reason, we want to be upfront and give you all the facts so that you can decide for yourself.

The Benefits & opportunity

The Opportunity:

  • You’ll get to work with a diverse consumer base, not only the local clientele but local professionals, GPs and Pharmacists who appreciate our natural weight loss solution are keen to recommend our services to their clients
  • You’ll enjoy a healthy working environment. We are looking for people who can reflect the Company’s image well
  • It’s perfect for a people person who enjoys working with a team and ongoing customer contact
  • A franchise is all about support and leveraging off each other’s strengths, BodyOlogy offer you a big back bone to lean on and a lot of wisdom in our industry to capitalize on
  • Immense job satisfaction – the effect that our treatments can have on a human life, is truly remarkable and it will give you incredible personal satisfaction
  • You have flexibility with BodyOlogy, you can come in on Tier 3, which is a smaller LAM zone but enough to get you on your way and within your financial budget
  • If your vision is strong and you back it with capability, we would certainly consider you down the track for multiple franchise sites.

Massive Scope
BodyOlogy sits alone in the weight loss technology field, there are no other competing systems in our country and we have exclusive rights to our equipment, so you can literally go to town with this business. Outside of the medical industry, we are one of the very few businesses with Australian Government TGA classification to operate a Class 1 Medical device at a cosmetic level, this is very powerful and gives BodyOlogy credibility.

The Support: When you enter into the BodyOlogy franchise group it is a true comfort to feel part of a family – we have gone above and beyond to create a strong link between the back end support and the franchisee, we figure if you wanted to go out on your own in business with all of the economic risks of today, then you would have BUT if you have chosen a franchise journey, then you are looking for help from us – so we are here to give you that help. Our support is extensive, we cover all calls on a national level with our 1300 number 247 – 7 days a week, we handle all enquiries, intro sales, reschedules etc – this allows you to focus on your clients and your local business without all of the daily disruptions.

Personal satisfaction: There is a lot of emotion in this industry. So many members of our society suffer deeply from being overweight or are really unhappy with what they have been given in life. You can now enjoy the satisfaction that comes from working with people to help them make real changes in their lives.  We have a huge network of doctors who refer overweight patients to us and when dealing with morbid obesity, it is often difficult for the patient to just get started, they are at huge risk of injury, heart attack etc but when they come to us, we start to chip away with fat reduction around vital organs, we also increase lean muscle for them to naturally burn more calories and as this also increases core strength, all of a sudden within weeks of our treatments, the patient feels they can tackle this and they get motivated to do more for themselves, this is incredibly rewarding and life changing for the patient.

Growth and experience: The personal growth and business knowledge you’ll develop from our training and your experience as a BodyOlogy franchisee is invaluable. We encourage all our franchise owners to grow and to continually improve themselves and their businesses.