Becoming a BodyOlogy Satellite Store franchisee is not only simple – but it’s straightforward and cost effective as well. Remember, you have the premises, all we need is a spare room and you can begin generating in excess of 6 figures in your 1st year!!

More about a BodyOlogy Satellite Store franchisee:

Firstly, are you in one of these professions at present?

Other Health And Wellness Business

Becoming a BodyOlogy Satellite franchisee is not only simple – but its cost effective. Remember, you have the premises, all we need is a spare room and you can begin generating in excess of 6 figures in your 1st year!!

We have thought a lot about business and the day to day running process –
The last thing you need in your current business set up is phones ringing consistently, disruption to staff, existing clients paying for a service but being neglected due to the constant enquiries for BodyOlogy services, which will happen, so we have simplified the model – We offer extensive back end support and have a 24/7 call centre there to support all incoming enquiries, reschedules, sales etc. The therapist that is committed to the BodyOlogy franchise will only need to look at her screen (cloud based business software controlled by us) and see her appointments for the day, there will be no disruption to your existing business.

even though you are obviously successful and looking to expand your existing services further, joining our marketing group will see your business flourish even more, taking you to the next level! What is included in the Satellite store cost:
Everything you need to begin trading. Keep in mind, when you started your business, it took time to gain traction, every business needs a good 1-2 years to begin making money – with a BodyOlogy Satellite store – set it up today and you will be trading this week, your clientele is coming in your door right now and be prepared for a huge influx when they know you are now offering BodyOlogy services.

All we ask of you, is a spare room to get set up.

To become a BodyOlogy Satellite franchisee you’ll need to pay an upfront investment from $78,000+ GST- This covers your equipment, equipment accessories, room set up, shop signage, promotional material, retail stock, PC, Cloud based business software, 2 weeks training & a presence on our website.

As our support is like replacing a full-time receptionist, sales person, administration assistant, marketing manager – save yourself those expenses and allow us to distribute 75% of the profits to you monthly with a 25% royalty to us. There is then a monthly leasing fee for the technology and a marketing contribution to the group, this marketing contribution will work 10 fold for you by not only drawing in BodyOlogy interest but new clients for your existing business – People are time poor, they are looking for a one stop shop!!

Types of services you will offer with a BodyOlogy Satellite store within your business

Anti-Ageing for the body