As someone with an interest in investing in a BodyOlogy Satellite franchise, you need to be sure that this is the right decision for you and vice versa, we need to ensure you are right for BodyOlogy. Franchising is all about co-operation, mutual dependency and mutual benefit between the company and its franchisees. As you invest financially, your chosen franchisor will also be investing in your success.

A key factor for you to consider is that our board of advisors has over 50 years’ experience in the Australian franchise industry and our successful business structure is mirrored in our franchise set up. It has taken us 5 years to release our franchise model and it is now a finely tuned machine, in saying that, we are always evolving and listening to our franchisees and any recommended changes that can make things even better.

Your success is our success, which is why we are committed to sharing our experience and considerable market knowledge with you. So, you’ll enjoy the new-found success we are adding to your existing business, while experiencing the benefits of being part of a successful network that is leading the way in our industry with revolutionary technology that is cutting edge.

The Investment:
You can join the BodyOlogy journey from as little as $88k,+ GST, which will give you everything you need to get you started. More info is provided in the BodyOlogy Franchise Opportunity PDF. If you are struggling with cash flow in your existing business and incorporating a BodyOlogy Satellite Store to seek a solution to that problem – then as long as you meet our criteria and have clean credit file, we are prepared to look at a portion of the investment on vendor’s finance.

The Ongoing costs:
There is a monthly lease fee for the equipment and a contribution to the marketing fund. Although we offer incredible back end support and do 50% of the work for you, we are thrilled to have you receive 75% of monthly income and we retain 25% for our share. You will enjoy state of the art business software that is installed on your own desktop PC by us, which is cloud based, so although your existing business will reap the rewards of the BodyOlogy integration, you can keep it very separate from your other business.

Ready to roll??
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