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The Satellite Store
BodyOlogy Franchising

Where Innovation is our Passion!
It’s no secret that the weight loss, health and fitness industries are booming. And with a staggering 63.4% of Australians thought to be obese, here is a golden opportunity to jump on board one of the most lucrative weight loss franchises in Australia without the risk normally associated in today’s volatile marketplace.
BodyOlogy Franchising has released the ‘Satellite’ store model; a business within a business. Our carefully constructed business model diminishes the risks normally associated with most franchise opportunities. In fact, if you are a current business owner with a spare room being underutilized you could potentially increase your revenue by 6+ figures! I can almost hear you thinking, “Yeah okay, that sounds super but what’s the catch?”
There is no catch. But with our own rapidly expanding and extremely loyal clientele base, BodyOlogy Weight Loss continues to stand out as the premium provider in this field. Clients making an appointment at BodyOlogy Weight Loss expect consistent, professional service that relies on our reputation for delivering the most incredible results. As a BodyOlogy franchisee, you become an administrator of this truly profitable business model! All it takes is a little ambition, hard work and a customer centered focus.
This is easy, as navigating your own business success through a BodyOlogy franchise is an empowering and productive challenge. It rewards you much deeper than the dollar factor. BodyOlogy Weight Loss is so much more than just weight loss. Our cutting edge microcurrent technology has successfully treated thousands of satisfied clients who’ve benefited from weight loss, improved incontinence, reduced back pain, strengthened pelvic floor muscles, increased core strength, a more youthful appearance and overall better quality of life. As such, here is your chance to seriously help people for a living. And make a serious living along the way!
A BodyOlogy Franchise offers you freedom of choice with weight loss and anti-ageing solutions. Your franchise will come complete with a Body Rejuvenation unit. And once you are up and running, you will be able to increase your treatment range (and your revenue!) by offering the exclusive Facial Rejuvenation service. This takes a traditional beauty business into the 21st century with state of the art technology. Welcome to the future of beauty treatment.

When you look at the food, fitness or coffee franchise industry it is literally oozing with so much competition, making it extremely difficult to gain an edge. The BodyOlogy franchise opportunity is for intelligent leaders who have the insight into where we are headed in the health & wellness arena. The industry is booming, and here’s your chance to gain sole access to a technology to capitalize on this.

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