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So, you are an existing business owner and have synergy with us to incorporate BodyOlogy into your business

This means that you are a visionary and looking at ideas for growth and expansion. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Here we will explain why this is one of the best franchise business opportunities in Australia.
Firstly, as we take pride in who joins our family, we go through a preliminary period just to ensure we are the right fit for you and vice versa. If the stars align then you’ll be guided on your path to becoming a BodyOlogy franchisee! Here you’ll experience professional growth as you gain invaluable skills and business knowledge, and personal growth as you experience the benefits of changing peoples lives for the better.
The guidance of our proven BodyOlogy franchisee model, plus all the support and knowledge we can offer on a local and national level, aims to make the transition as safe and smooth as possible.
A BodyOlogy franchise is an innovative business model that will enable you to make a real difference in the community. It’s a sad fact that Australia has the highest level of obesity per capita in the world. But this also presents a lucrative and personally rewarding business opportunity. Not only can you help reduce this depressing statistic, but you are able to build wealth as you do.
The care we take in recruiting, training and retaining qualified BodyOlogy franchisees is integral to both our own and your franchise’s growth and success. It’s our mission is to create a “win win” scenario.

The “win win” philosophy is a true partnership that makes the best franchise opportunities reap rewards. It’s a two-way street. One side cannot run properly without the other. And although you are already running a successful business, Bodyology will help take it to the next level. You will draw a rapid new clientele of both men & women from 18-80 years of age. And as for your existing clients, they will love you even more once you offer:

  • Spot reduction in 20 minute express treatments (Lose CMS in as little as 20 mins)
  • Tighten and tone the skin (which is every woman’s dream)
  • Build lean muscle without lifting a weight
  • Anti-ageing for 40 – 80 yo, muscle depletes at a rapid rate as we age, without it we burn very little calories, we are prone to fractures and other muscular injuries. BodyOlogy will build the muscle without any strain on tendons and joints
  • Body Sculpting for the lucky ones with little body fat, we can give you definition!
  • Facial Sculpting (optional extra)
  • Post Natal
  • Men’s Beat the belly bulge
  1. You will offer an attractive new treatment list to existing clientele

  2. You will see a major influx from new clients once they know you now offer BodyOlogy services

  3. You’ll enjoy a healthy working environment. We are looking for people who can reflect the Company’s image well

  4. A franchise is all about support and leveraging off each other’s strengths, BodyOlogy offer you a big back bone to lean on and a lot of wisdom in our industry to capitalise on

  5. You will be part of a Marketing Group that can offer you buying power and huge growth for your business

  6. We are serious about training, although you may have a very successful business, there is always room to make it better, we have a training facility at our Docklands clinic that extends to all types of personal/business coaching, business is all about people, if you get the people right, success will follow!

  7. If you are in an existing franchise group, don’t panic, talk to us and our company solicitors will have an answer on how we structure your new satellite store within your franchise.

  8. As our intention is backed by integrity to release BodyOlogy into the retail/service sector of business, we will not over saturate the market, so if you are in a Westfield shopping centre and choose to add a BodyOlogy satellite store, we will not then sell to others in your industry within the same centre, you will have the sole rights!

Massive Scope:

BodyOlogy sits alone in the weight loss technology field, there are no other competing systems in our country and we have exclusive rights to our equipment. Outside of the medical industry, we are one of the very few businesses with Australian Government TGA classification to operate a Class 1 Medical device at a cosmetic level, this is very powerful and gives BodyOlogy immense credibility.